Strawberry Perl Releases

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Explanatory Notes

  • MSI installer = preferred way, requires admin privileges to install
  • ZIP edition = admin privileges not required, however you need to run some post-install scripts manually after unzip
  • PortableZIP edition = suitable for "perl on USB stick" (you can move/rename the perl directory and it will still work)
  • MSM merge module = (not used since 5.18 series) for advanced users who want to build their own MSI based on Strawberry Perl
  • DDrive edition = (not used since 5.12 series) special edition with fixed install path to d:\strawberry

Strawberry Perl Sep 2015

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 69986aefb00f635d3e21eef32ce6bd717faaaf35102.3 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs 539f8e1a2e14c178dd186f5870e0802a749b2e7c123.2 MB
32bit MSI installer 3e895c685a2bad166e044eeba66fb21aa42791a268.7 MB
32bit ZIP edition 3d4bc04a8bb54b1e85d56255b20548055dea72dd102.3 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition e1bf9e4f6965a5a1278a013a39f46f4c251221a0109.3 MB
64bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs 50322e6b82db3a2811d0d8bc3390e5dbf9517467132.5 MB
64bit MSI installer 503d252c3fab16c192aa8a3d93d2d7f38d30663e73.6 MB
64bit ZIP edition 223b4de15282d3eec2ce6296fa5643625a9667ba109.2 MB
  • / 32bit - without USE_64_BIT_INT
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 0626c86a0aab95c74d9bca3ae37b7516869cc75f102.2 MB
32bit ZIP edition 67cf102770f62b95f4393260451321445107a48b102.2 MB

Strawberry Perl Jun 2015

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 9769b6e140ad98a113741f34086c251af7849626111.9 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs b55fa64331be2ef425d175c95023331d3478ef56130.3 MB
32bit MSI installer 61bd9f7161980a3317886679556fc01ebb4e204b75.9 MB
32bit ZIP edition 50b52e9aef80641255461faeb7dc66f1a863c1e4111.9 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition ffc41fe8ebc03802ea59f4b88aa34a154af4d55d120.0 MB
64bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs 9024ce63c2fe404e7488db827171a9262c5a4830140.5 MB
64bit MSI installer 1cd9e445516971290ae63814517dd8da7ad4ac3b82.2 MB
64bit ZIP edition dc1011c13b337fee44d5a49a427b7f3727454978120.0 MB
  • / 32bit - without USE_64_BIT_INT
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 96c48a5c45651dda55f6797f8705c7c39a66b036111.8 MB
32bit ZIP edition bbdf94409916c55dddffec993c0f3d1b67efc921111.8 MB

Strawberry Perl Feb 2015

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit MSI installer ff8bbe0fd500b13c4713275660bf5d6511bb799a68.6 MB
32bit ZIP edition f28a47171b3303821e35a299d81d727b88e24f89102.2 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition ab6e7aee6a915c4d820b86f5227094763b649fce102.2 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs 06a6dda0d39aab0d6b3340c5760bb997a192970a123.8 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit MSI installer 864008466aa54cd6f4218578374ba43d924f58fb73.9 MB
64bit ZIP edition a455cbab1eeb82e3dbb8ac26c4f9309f7d7d037e109.1 MB
64bit PortableZIP edition 1ea4197f81f7391b91c70336172f448ecf0dea04109.2 MB
64bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs f80a10b64771d69c4bb7b2c0d69d47456bb41796133.1 MB
  • / 32bit - without USE_64_BIT_INT
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit ZIP edition (no USE_64_BIT_INT) 771e267f673e6065a09fbd2e65bd086f080d0ff3102.1 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition (no USE_64_BIT_INT) 07758734871774e5c215f17f8266e3a0ab0074f4102.1 MB

Strawberry Perl Oct 2014

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit MSI installer 3e47973d81f6cc087a652317e6c0409e343e539a69.3 MB
32bit ZIP edition 0e433958ca471c6c01b9855b20fd2cb7148acee698.1 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition f6118ba24e4430a7ddab1200746725f262117fbf98.1 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit MSI installer ae0d63ab1d0b964c44638c63ddb87d67390b87f774.8 MB
64bit ZIP edition 105bf8000d206a04c240a8d93401a9c3e8bd500b106.5 MB
64bit PortableZIP edition cd0809c5d885043d1f14a47f6192503359914d8a106.5 MB
  • / 32bit - without USE_64_BIT_INT
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit ZIP edition (no USE_64_BIT_INT) 9fc7d4b6f096b717fa3ec322b85a7061d0d7e1ed97.9 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition (no USE_64_BIT_INT) f8a05e8b73f1f89a5cd6bb8cf51ecbc1d3d3a36798.0 MB

Strawberry Perl Sep 2014

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit MSI installer 3566c2cbf891218614e8fd20b72a3b5e9f3a38aa68.0 MB
32bit ZIP edition 8125e015b27a6b83fe8e0d302d6c4acaea675256101.5 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition 6929ca3d0b65e514ed73c829f6f648f92cc47b80101.6 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs f3431f1676fdefd6844d83c3eacc1f92fa0c9713118.2 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit MSI installer 3550ca5837e2494fee1601b3e31b573b5c41e96772.8 MB
64bit ZIP edition 225add94eee19f96dba84be88aa0324ff75a2c87108.3 MB
64bit PortableZIP edition 844e7c2d741bda915ece0688bf3a00ab12577460108.3 MB
64bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs f7efc9ecc323b8cae790dcac30dd60c9dc79cca9126.8 MB
  • / 32bit - without USE_64_BIT_INT
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit ZIP edition (no USE_64_BIT_INT) fa17a724c27f142b52c809cc06f0d57179a196a3101.4 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition (no USE_64_BIT_INT) 12a0af2db9fe709556a7ae001120a1fb0d0f052a101.4 MB

Strawberry Perl May 2014

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition d2a54f6fc1d773ecd18f233f68ae4b2ffdffa7fa101.0 MB
32bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs 4f7f30891126c59547114f9b6e1fb9b0e7dc7218113.4 MB
32bit MSI installer 9666dd6f2a5bcd491f442661102c2fef2a88289f68.5 MB
32bit ZIP edition 2229212f5bd2108906f96b726e368f0fef2b1898100.9 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition aae1dd214b8983e13c501fbba90346db89f2b32a107.8 MB
64bit PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs 16c36e4fadcd14a8f48480e4696e2f24895addae121.8 MB
64bit MSI installer 337e2371dbb0b3d2178a2b6a7049e24a621949fd72.4 MB
64bit ZIP edition 9264c62da35b67924c4348e84cdb9809e7cfa437107.8 MB
  • / 32bit - without USE_64_BIT_INT
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 9e0f5686a66c6e278b754ac4ade8628e92c65c6d100.7 MB
32bit ZIP edition b48a91774d7e47032d60806f37c7e41da239c1ff100.7 MB

Strawberry Perl Apr 2014

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition b377748f9c908cd7ccfbc1689a67d47709b77ca497.8 MB
32bit MSI installer 2d92bf087c446f81443df650ce320316930622a769.0 MB
32bit ZIP edition 7c9b6609e6b3cfa180d2c603968b6623d2739b8e97.7 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition a69902b2b906cdc1ec9d63e06c18acf63c70dc38106.2 MB
64bit MSI installer 9cb0411c7def6025e58a22c7aa3727980a39ab2373.9 MB
64bit ZIP edition 0fe1586354f71d4ad9a040c66b6a6fc1c7471535106.2 MB
  • / 32bit - without USE_64_BIT_INT
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition eb5b37edf09e8538970e84b779af9c47d3d05c7197.7 MB
32bit ZIP edition 00ee3e77079ddffd1997ca66ed96656682f15ec597.6 MB

Strawberry Perl Jan 2014

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition ca6081888dca6844038ac4a99f2a82c81d48f9d0100.1 MB
32bit MSI installer 774d9cff61c4e340e661da21c703b9e5bc37123670.7 MB
32bit ZIP edition fdce34de56ff3adfb5997e1ce78b8ce03bd1a15d100.1 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition d1b5d8ed03b87aa14db0a881b2d7bbb1e5b09ad5107.1 MB
64bit MSI installer d2aefdd2b0645d9fabd553db7802f2803eeec68f75.1 MB
64bit ZIP edition 0b835dae4d50514ed0b6e14fe0f0274bec2aff8e107.1 MB
  • / 32bit - without USE_64_BIT_INT
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit/32INT PortableZIP edition 5e75733a945bc5af830029850197587326149b5299.8 MB
32bit/32INT ZIP edition eb23bf3aa4c0b79741c55d1d8702401a96c3ff0099.8 MB

Strawberry Perl Aug 2013

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 17eef2e952d44c2b3da1c0bcaf0ffb6d3412c823100.4 MB
strawberry-perl- 69618674b8f194471a7c7e36a12d009c18008b8f71.1 MB 1e8fdb384a0cc45ac82003f4432c42862adadf86100.3 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize e6cb42a5b991669386884f326460a0059fedcb7b107.5 MB
strawberry-perl- 590274e73638aa63e8e9e7b6a4241e2b0b53f68876.2 MB e34a0c2c71c291d9fe498b586ddab31638f3b69b107.5 MB

Strawberry Perl May 2013

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize c07fe200fb646054d7c6ccb43529f978d0d7883a87.1 MB
strawberry-perl- 198d66cd9c2f7589222e7dfd75c980919926b9ae63.2 MB 338b8c5a77823840341b4a33af5bdd0ae681dabf87.1 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 4172048e69bdf21668c069fe1260e62d180ab7d693.7 MB
strawberry-perl- e32b248fd06c83c21c6d2a57310221707f6011e168.9 MB 100da71c2ee8c0eec3355b8e7e8d6d652a2e2e6993.7 MB

Strawberry Perl Mar 2013

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 3b9c4c32bf29e141329c3be417d9c425a7f6c2ff86.8 MB
strawberry-perl- 18636f53365499820919722944333fa0ee35d42a63.5 MB ca2b93cb347236552b02fa6f37fd1cfb56a7adf386.8 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 07573b99e40355a4920fc9c07fb594575a53c10793.3 MB
strawberry-perl- 1d5cd3f12e8b6eaba1c99b60889d9af75c65b11668.7 MB 3e676f6cbea52e1ae1325ede1d1d3b4e5d1c62ef93.3 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 42f092619704763d4c3cd4f3e1183d3e58d9d02c86.8 MB
strawberry-perl- c3563226ad3288d33258fe6d75034cadbd2d919363.5 MB dd00eaaab5c2a0d4c16f0a8f8fe8f74b128ef3ce86.8 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 73ac65962e68f68cf551c3911ab81dcf6f73e01893.3 MB
strawberry-perl- aa86435eca8f1a780fdf6916b903c8805ab3de7e67.9 MB c63881a0c34dbdae28d80ac9a86d12443572a46893.3 MB

Strawberry Perl Feb 2013

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 3cb1615ec0a9eb9641952ea2542548f397344d3b86.7 MB
strawberry-perl- 43610013740a08e8728ee9090f0e48936f2e9d4563.5 MB 92de8d2a111461ffd0db3688135028800266509e86.7 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 6573ade9c74619afb29c51c43fc8b275fd02d6e193.3 MB
strawberry-perl- 237589461815da782d267f9554f51a97faf4831968.7 MB f0641db5286bacc0156017c5d4ac704fc41bce1d93.3 MB

Strawberry Perl Nov 2012

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 9d3efe8efb5ad5699ecca07c20991829bc4cad7186.4 MB
32bit MSI installer 22fb9ed072fd84eade6fb88856a3b3e19187d19c62.9 MB
32bit ZIP edition 317f2335f32907032394a44e2f3c383e0a75e0b186.4 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition ac0280799829c5425ea80679c8ed01a0bf9787fe92.9 MB
64bit MSI installer 430c7ed8042d8e356a13efa31da846f2175c62ec68.2 MB
64bit ZIP edition 594bf6dd1ae8397093be677834da5daae588ee6492.9 MB


Strawberry Perl Oct 2012

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 33da6496a2404de4dab7dfee9bd9a3e94661d27186.0 MB
32bit MSI installer ba6f5be5a65023b95dab75c6372472beb4560e8362.9 MB
32bit ZIP edition 83da267f74d7485afed0ee4294710f93162a1b4386.0 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition dbab6fe44073af80d1b343a51bcd32a48604608092.6 MB
64bit MSI installer 15f802010af971d8d6d264b93555f477c48d751667.5 MB
64bit ZIP edition 53a973b6e41515b0ae301d0753bd25f82c8cdaec92.5 MB


Strawberry Perl Aug 2012

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 3026af01cf8dcf77b4589d46fe3d40e44ac82c2084.4 MB
32bit MSI installer 00a1757af17a0d50d03bfc0f7a16d343e2cc43ad61.6 MB
32bit MSM merge module a26a375bca5c63d85bfec48c00ea6bfe98f4b98c79.5 MB
32bit ZIP edition 3b394b56176c152fa473b0877c4880640e53ea3c84.4 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition 0b3df012cb6f7f355ac62529e5a23fef96ec9dee90.8 MB
64bit MSI installer e67728ddd89777815271ac7416cff32653d387bf67.0 MB
64bit MSM merge module 6ed6f2d9862eef6ba8a329c003b031678943a0be85.1 MB
64bit ZIP edition f58475c0d6da978e1ae309e8afa0302e87770c1690.8 MB


Strawberry Perl May 2012

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 1848da9ecd6c534416fd4ba737413efd0d3de6d084.1 MB
32bit MSI installer e3380989d3ef6a329eae59d37be2d268c253b6ab61.2 MB
32bit MSM merge module 0caebdcaf3facb14eba200ffe30bd83851de1daf79.3 MB
32bit ZIP edition 9e1aa31995aae385d0db7138468e62cd1e8905da84.1 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition bb90738eb0a0e6301db866e66def57c074a88fca90.5 MB
64bit MSI installer 7adb6f8975d6f07f3e8e6f138146cbb1f6f089e166.8 MB
64bit MSM merge module ea2b0e9e56a618adf1f2af2d4d74fc2e8c5e991284.9 MB
64bit ZIP edition 6d1b88c62d1b5f1c60ab87c14b8ffc17133af8f590.5 MB


Strawberry Perl Nov 2011

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
32bit PortableZIP edition 4cb6e891dc53224a2202ff0b37c81e46128896d757.1 MB
32bit MSI installer 3cf1ca4d6b35a4034b9d9c03fbaa3f53d053208e42.1 MB
32bit MSM merge module def22b3313c87dff513a2b88cc8ec3aff40fd86056.0 MB
32bit ZIP edition cc5666c96db309e2a0f7e14d1ef267515d2ac58957.1 MB
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
64bit PortableZIP edition 20ad786401095eb28785ddfbc9d4124d91b68ae161.1 MB
64bit MSI installer 45529f758cc82ba5236debea5de482f4134675ad43.7 MB
64bit MSM merge module 7b12786137f908d6bfed0289d318cc7164f8772659.8 MB
64bit ZIP edition d3cef0f7b525702613a77e653edf1259565b255261.2 MB


Strawberry Perl May 2011

  • A 5.12.3-based version of Strawberry Perl is now available - Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • A 5.10.1-based version of Strawberry Perl is now available - Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • The bug in the .msi installer for 5.12.2 that made it crash has been fixed.
  • The Math::BigInt::GMP and Math::GMP modules (and modules that have one of them as prerequisites) are now usable on older machines.
  • The .msi installer has also been signed with a code-signing key from StartCom.
  • As always, updated to current versions of installed modules.
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- a69d5385c936d6c12a3d4b8ab9e24ea3377d306a44.0 MB
strawberry-perl- 2d5dfe4ffd55561f0aa832f480932b682c35bca259.3 MB d889589566be3fd00cb49adfcd4c7cc64fe377fa61.1 MB dc6facf9fb7ce2de2e42ee65e84805a6d0dd5fbc54.4 MB
strawberry-perl- 7569ebf66f848de2734675322c5d75b557a3cd6840.1 MB
strawberry-perl- 881f848bed6bc95f1fade8f70bae0486f60e5dd253.4 MB b5b55f3913776ad1e963ab06042387f39bd98c1254.5 MB
strawberry-perl- 48774c3f4d934be93f25738253caf90801474e4d34.5 MB
strawberry-perl- b33bdd3027513b33b72cdef4a2994d38714c4b8c34.1 MB
strawberry-perl- 9a6625c6087cf0977a6021c3237d6d140576398445.4 MB 6bcc8fd448a0f6f5e57b241697bcd6e71602186f45.8 MB


Strawberry Perl November 2010

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- 838f433dae8d1f7182bcf67a53545f31377351d043.8 MB
strawberry-perl- 54029eeb651a3c51d9bef7f58ab36ba7e29b648359.4 MB a46a902a7cd3dcf75325092b6d795ed3ff1006c660.7 MB cd2cd6b0deaea37573ad25c92c342451e0310b9555.2 MB
strawberry-perl- b52ab47f0c23848057896ae600717f432ddb912d40.5 MB
strawberry-perl- afcc42204483394f8d4e6a813a598ba5dccfa80b54.3 MB 0c39139b5363b5bf032acb2ac55bf4895e5b52bf55.2 MB
strawberry-perl- db8fc56bd6f4da6623424ea37788348436d881a833.9 MB
strawberry-perl- cf1bf903c2471f12e235c6b00e18ccac93de824845.1 MB
strawberry-perl- 0925c4aa497f1ba086fa192f8cdf4d711fe491a733.5 MB
strawberry-perl- babe767809e069e95cb3befbba215ac0549ff82045.1 MB a24f26b7dc905f87d46b29fc63b69464841fb0f945.4 MB


Strawberry Perl July 2010

  • A 5.12.1-based version of Strawberry Perl is now available - Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • A 5.10.1-based version of Strawberry Perl is now available - Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • The installer has been improved (it asks whether you want to read the README.txt, and 5.10.x versions warn about the fact that they are hard-coded.)
  • CPANPLUS's settings have been checked and improved - it now stores its files within the Strawberry installation.
  • Uninstallation is faster, as we are only searching through directories that we expect to have added files (perl/site, cpan, cpanplus)
  • As always, updated to current versions of installed modules.
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- 76fd441ea2714665e37ba0e6f6892ff9182ced4342.9 MB
strawberry-perl- cedc5fe5fffe6d4169d269d0af43d58d2ec6a7fd57.9 MB 78bae8c13a81f2768e8a70661b01bbd35f4a058159.3 MB 025f7770f88d6a342144c56c4e6d2b7b6c393af253.7 MB
strawberry-perl- 03f6d2447a7e49e3866fb6b6c4a16d622579d4e639.9 MB cd9f54038a4d059b2800b414b0f59503f82e4db153.8 MB
strawberry-perl- b2973d602c303d6efe57a953b8a52984383ae0b533.1 MB
strawberry-perl- 5b49c3c1bfe242d71b5c1f589810cf8365b0f33832.7 MB 2a50adb38e0244415a0debc56a8e0f21d6373df744.0 MB


Strawberry Perl (May 2010 rebuild)

  • More details in Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • fixes a bug whereby PPM installed HTML files to the root directory (RT#43243).
  • It removes PPM from the 64-bit version, due to a lack of usable repositories, and includes repositories for 5.12 in the 32-bit version.
  • It also fixes a build error in the Perl 5.12.0 source that created some problems for PAR::Packer.
  • (There was an error in the first 64-bit .msi's and .zip's that caused failed installations. New ones are linked here.)
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- 4d43c45966c08a0a0ee4c93f064666be0e05cab341.0 MB
strawberry-perl- b0e020c14ae10d9b20244a57e14ac17d91101eac55.8 MB 325afe60469924903f075c8ff6a65ca1a07f077d55.2 MB
strawberry-perl- ca20b6495dc2077e1d1b3a6bdec4a7542a1dac1d38.3 MB
strawberry-perl- d0103b2c6f011f98dcc904cfb8b9fd77a741226851.2 MB bfbbb0f7056042075b3f51b46a5916804adb2a1152.1 MB


Strawberry Perl April 2010

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- a31632902b16a03785458de051b1f435ef938d2b40.9 MB
strawberry-perl- 43e29b78e29af24daabba484fb165b60b4ccf38555.8 MB 4f1bba2b15560402f64f3eb4134c0f219b97e79456.9 MB
strawberry-perl- 48bbc4d6a6e92835c4ddedeec74a7c1bade6454838.2 MB
strawberry-perl- dfafb4597128f73fb522bfa9ec247680060248cb51.2 MB d697e09f5b8fd9f90f8a9d78f780486df87d31a852.0 MB
strawberry-perl- ade4bec31db39b77b80e8ea16d3a9761d37ecc8231.3 MB f86ae4b14daf0b1162d2c4c90a9d22e4c2452a9842.2 MB
strawberry-perl- f2238757041d8fe1569b14941f6088c00b2b6c0031.0 MB
strawberry-perl- 989b9c391941904cb37cebf47e03e951179b9c3441.9 MB 6afb8a9a938de3a52f87fe7f7fae966e2aac95c242.3 MB
strawberry-perl- 919da34f79748c930d78c6658222079f5379482130.7 MB
strawberry-perl- e5990e1ce7058f8ff24a1968978588d8a9aedc1c30.4 MB
strawberry-perl- 750e9dc011cd7bd5625281bb1ce3292d46b7f9ac31.1 MB daeaaa54052c749b1588ccd0a73c37ec349aedaa41.6 MB


Strawberry Perl January 2010

DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- 7506aba010a4fb50790a24bdf530fda1efcbb6e029.7 MB cb1607101b014858e572de1892800fe032b2716740.5 MB
strawberry-perl- 9ba00ac75b787368fd7e685652c4e41c93787fe329.4 MB
strawberry-perl- 36f56b0f92f796e87fbacf0c5e4ba1617b5d38df40.2 MB 0b04ae84a849b5322a13e7f719ec5c67d5013e7040.5 MB
strawberry-perl- dcf0ea21285d3c4ba7c64bd77609f550d498320928.9 MB
strawberry-perl- 2ee72934e840b02870668ac463e8a4aea6412d1b28.7 MB
strawberry-perl- 24a2c3304e3ff109308ab8339552dafa0008139d39.4 MB 259c5ba699ad324219ccfbf536e0a20e4421667639.6 MB


Strawberry Perl October 2009

  • More details about in Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • More details about in Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • Updated to the new Perl 5.10.1 release.
    • Includes a CPAN dev release with some Strawberry-specific fixes.
    • New build methodology for C libraries, which prevents clashes with different versions of the same DLL library earlier in the path (resolves libxml.dll clash with RapidSVN amoungst many other problems).
  • Large increase in bundled packages
    • Includes the Postgres client libraries, to allow DBD::Pg to build.
    • Includes OpenSSL to provide https support (and to install Postgres client)
    • Includes the huge set of crypto modules needed for Module::Signature.
    • Includes DB_File support to allow the installation of BioPerl from the CPAN.
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- 4595b865549c45a69e76c45185b9a5a8d2a6113a32.3 MB
strawberry-perl- 58375dfab628d7cc7bfae154ad1b2a336eaaa18532.2 MB 0df90abe8388be2af2d66fd8aafb61249391adef39.5 MB
Strawberry Perl Portable is unavailable this release. It will return in January 2010
strawberry-perl- 040bfb383fd9f5ea5944af94133094c2fcfc3df031.6 MB
strawberry-perl- e4ca00d0e1738e0a0efbb17cb99f8f9879b20d6b31.5 MB 55f2678dec74ba24e65df3c59d86c912dfc318cd38.6 MB


Strawberry Perl July 2009

  • More details about in Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • More details about in Release Notes for Strawberry Perl
  • The largest update to Strawberry ever!
    • 4th-generation WiX-based toolkit Perl::Dist::WiX.
    • New .msi installer, allowing numerous improvements.
    • Installable across entire organisations via ActiveDirectory.
    • Uninstall now removes environment values correctly.
    • Uninstall now removes post-install CPAN modules correctly.
    • Start menu now has cleaned up and correct icons.
  • Big improvements to built-in modules.
    • All Perl 5.10.1 CPAN auto-upgrade features now included.
    • CPANPLUS is now pre-configured correctly (but not yet the default).
    • By popular demand, DBD::MySQL is available in the default install.
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- 6a9f3e97cd4d29668eb09f763c6c1688928a86f029.8 MB d2e1e39d13863673fb218c9dbda44cd8e9badc2436.9 MB
strawberry-perl- 092c9f5ff1f47c2c316093efce23b76006d3708129.6 MB a98c4f3daa3f086985bd46b00a28cf1c02a1b31636.8 MB
strawberry-perl- 24764e3f23bd09419fedb3e220f4d881490603e329.3 MB
strawberry-perl- 5ec540f22037cdadde07a19698b8c023b85a578328.9 MB 15143b9110a130c17e1449de3ce1904b5822d1cd36.1 MB
strawberry-perl- 48c123d9104e6643fbd1b5a075396ccddf7f88c929.3 MB
strawberry-perl- 2bab74637aa00802d96e410808f2b6b7bf5adac628.8 MB 4aa1c782b41ba0447e927e321493b822ca49909636.1 MB


Strawberry Perl April 2009

  • BEWARE: This is the last release supporting MS Windows 2000
  • Update to new maintenance version completed.
    • Perl 5.8.9 is now the production release, Perl 5.8.8 series ended.
    • No major changes. Continued focus on the .msi installer for October.
    • All the bundled modules have been upgraded to the latest version
  • New bundled modules.
    • LZMA Decompression Support.
    • DBD::SQLite upgraded to second-generation release series.
    • DBD::ODBC added to the default install.
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- d7ab3005e4faedf7cae02f25d43a755d37cc0dcc17.7 MB 35538447a55f79b749b6abb995b6a8bc618e85e938.7 MB
strawberry-perl- 7fea6080ec430dc9a3e3b7f082c9958d7b1109c817.7 MB c4ced76ce5758922f1e971c340781d0f075b4a1638.6 MB
strawberry-perl- b9d9a86a15c669357f1d6694fe0682306d6c671117.2 MB
strawberry-perl- 27de4ad9c8f8a6b6c90f40791669b66b84678baa17.2 MB a218e95dd19b2b4e62bf3df02c22e356d7bc140c37.9 MB


Strawberry Perl January 2009

  • Now updated to the new maintenance version.
    • New 5.8.9 beta release (which should be stable, but we're being safe)
    • No major changes. We are focusing the new .msi installer for April
    • All the bundled modules have been upgraded to the latest version
  • Improved PPM Client
    • Several configuration and temporary build directory issues have been resolved.
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize 93719bd60a8976293274dd46e2411f87225ec6d938.4 MB
strawberry-perl- 50a95bc61f084f1c58b7e70e2ac3d004a9fb362d17.6 MB
strawberry-perl- 8a2394d959b9d133c8c673c90da05914e4b610ad17.6 MB 16c70cbafd5510c9b22f0367ec5cc746bba93af434.5 MB
strawberry-perl- 20b5c067d9c2afc1daa65f1a8aa5b6a10471a0f016.8 MB
strawberry-perl- 215d1366cee9233ccc0e92b65d86531032662eca16.8 MB e95a13c5a7f2650034cfa341451069d4f993842233.3 MB


Strawberry Perl October 2008

  • Three New Releases!
    • New D: drive versions for systems with locked down C: drives.
    • The first official beta of Strawberry Perl Portable for installation on flash drives.
  • Improved CPAN Client
    • Full "configure_requires" auto-upgrading toolchain out-the-box.
    • All the latest toolchain upgrades, including Module::Build 0.30.
  • Improved XS Support
    • Cleaner CPAN compiler settings removes many previous XS build failures.
    • WxWidgets-based desktop applications now install from the CPAN shell.
    • Tk-based desktop applications now install from the CPAN shell.
  • Improved Packaging Process
    • Overhauled patching system now allows for greater customisation.
    • Man page and HTML documentation are now more-thoroughly disabled.
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- ec4eaa8ad00d99fad0f79157cb1074504f54620e17.6 MB
strawberry-perl- b4942c165fef72a843396b4bc4c41cce46c6096817.6 MB f2336ff6f8117ea5bf91b90587df7b5f713c594334.4 MB
strawberry-perl- e8551b482204f39d7f4d08017930185bf3cc810516.8 MB
strawberry-perl- b3f72710c59c515141918f33fc069bea5eb2af8016.8 MB 4ec9f04823da5d5dd69ab2ee0ab89625e4dd547a33.2 MB


Strawberry Perl August 2008

  • GCC compiler upgraded to a new production release.
    • Now fully supports Windows Vista (pre and post SP1)
  • Improved crypto support
    • libpari and Math::Pari in the default install
    • Many more Crypt:: module now build
  • Improved Packaging Process
    • Perl::Dist now supports "Perl on a Stick" builds
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- 974d83f30405732c2833f3ee8e8b5d28a324539b17.5 MB c2c8e13fc880bc7852a020c91d848b709ea28c1434.3 MB
strawberry-perl- 6d822305205d5726c5bb753001f1e867e713202516.8 MB a5a5271c7220966078aceb4199ad7efd83d69fc533.2 MB


Strawberry Perl April 2008

  • PAR Package Support
  • PPM Package Support
  • Improved XML Support
    • Expat XML Parser
    • XML::Parser Preinstalled
    • 90% of XML:: installs with CPAN shell
  • Improved Win32 Support
    • libwin32 Preinstalled
    • Win32::API Preinstalled
  • Improved Packaging Process
    • Generate .exe installer and .zip archive simultaneously
    • Perl::Dist::Strawberry 1.00 released
    • Users can now "subclass" Strawberry to make custom distributions
  • Release Update 1
    • Repaired broken Start Menu website launchers
    • Generate multiple Perl versions simultaneously
    • First production release of Strawberry Perl 5.8.8
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl- 54d91fb5a98669f746ba80d6fa6c3d32f25ba96117.5 MB 2c11ad9524e6f3d1ee6d1531e76af4cf53b1789c35.1 MB
strawberry-perl- b4668dffa6ed0d492d3ccbb5b80564227ca67e5a16.7 MB 34ad68e670e23447adac045aa75658fbcecda34733.9 MB


Strawberry Perl January 2008

  • CPAN Support
    • Created
    • Preconfigure
    • CPAN Shell Start Menu Launcher
    • Install CPAN::SQLite
  • Bundled Tools
    • Install the pler tool
    • Install the pip tool
  • New Packaging Process
    • Perl::Dist beta release
    • Created Perl::Dist::Strawberry
    • Support for Start Menu Program Launchers
    • Support for Start Menu Website Launchers
DownloadSHA1 DigestSize
strawberry-perl-5.10.0-final.exe 4dbff733a3707f3e82d9e6376111cf5f0102baa017.0 MB